Send an invaluable gift to your family and friends

Introduce your beloved ones to the world of cryptocurrencies by sending them a gift card.
They will thank you forever.

How it Works?

Instructions are very simple, follow these easy steps and send the gift card in no time.

  • Select an amount of coins to send
  • Deposit the coins in our special escrow wallet
  • We send the recipient an email with a link to the gift card
  • They accept the gift and claim the money
  • We create a new account for them
  • We provide wallets and payment tools
  • They become happy crypto hodlers :)

Send a Gift Card

Gift Card # 41408203

  • Amount to Send

  • Minimum amount: 10 XLM

  • Void if not claimed in days (1 to 9 days)
  • If gift card is not claimed, funds and fees will be returned to sender.
  • Card created. Proceed to next step.
  • Make a Deposit

  • It is extremely important that you enter the gift card code 41408203 in the memo field of the payment. We will use that reference to confirm your payment and transfer the funds. If you fail to send the card ID, the funds may be lost.

  • Send 11 XLM to this address (10 + 1 XLM fee)

    You may use your phone, desktop or browser wallet



  • When done, click confirm to verify the payment

  • Payment confirmation may take up to ten seconds. Once confirmed, the money will be held in escrow until claimed, an email will be sent to the recipient with instructions on how to redeem the gift card. If for any reason after several attempts the payment is not confirmed please send us an email to with the card id and your Stellar public address (we never ask you for your secret key) so we can investigate the issue and confirm it manually.
  • Final Notes

  • If the email is never received or lost, they still can claim the gift card by using this link:
  • PIN: 000000
  • If you opted for not sending an email, you can send the link and the PIN by any other private means, SMS, Whatsapp, even a classic Hallmark card with your handwritten message (Twitter and Faceboook are not recommended since they are public and malicious people could claim the gift).
  • Thank you for sharing the love for cryptos!